Tutoring by Lori

Expert Tutoring for Students in the Baltimore Area

"Great Tutor" -
Tim (Lutherville, MD)

Lori is very helpful when going through problems and will go out of her way to make sure you understand everything.  I was having trouble with general chemistry while studying for my DAT.  I was getting scores of 13 and 14 on my practice tests.  With Lori's help, I got a 20 on my actual test!

"Wonderful Chemistry Tutor!" - Caroline (Baltimore, MD)

Lori has been instrumental in helping my daughter through GT Chemistry. They work well together. My daughter is able to describe the work they are doing at school and Lori is able to explain, reinforce and facilitate practice problems so that the learning really sinks in. Thank you, Lori, for all of your hard work!!!

"Wonderful AP Biology Tutor" - Emily (Owings Mills, MD)

Not only is Lori, a bright and capable tutor who knows her material flawlessly, she also knows how to engage her student and explain to them in a holistic way how to improve. My daughter, after her first meeting with Lori said, "I'm so happy that Lori explained the material in a way that I can understand it." Lori has been able to help my daughter with study skills while teaching her things that she was not able to pick up in the classroom. I highly recommend Lori as a tutor.

"Great Anatomy and Physiology Tutor" - Irene (Nottingham, MD)

Lori is an excellent tutor. She knows exactly what she's talking about and she's so easy to talk to. I wanted a tutor who lives and breaths anatomy and that is exactly what Lori is. She is so helpful and makes it easier to understand the material that you need to know. She explains everything so well, and gives you advice on different ways to study different information. She has helped me out a lot and I know she can do the same for anyone else.

"Knows Her Genetics!" - Jamie (Angwin, CA, Skype and Facetime)

Lori is fantastic and is really knowledgeable about genetics. She takes things little baby steps at a time to make sure that you really understand what is happening in this subject. She invests much time and preparation into her sessions.

"Compassionate Support for Student & Parent." - Bryn (Baltimore, MD)

Lori has been providing life skill coaching to my college age daughter. Her gentle approach has been wonderful. She has patiently established trust and built a relationship that allows her to provide the support and guidance required. 

Lori has also been a great support to me. She has a way of helping her students by providing gentle and compassionate counsel to the parents and helping them better understand how to support their child. I highly recommend Lori!

"Great Accelerated Chemistry Tutor" - Nathalie (Windsor Mill, MD)

Lori is a kind, patient and understanding tutor.  My son took a fast-paced summer chemistry class. It was very challenging for him. I reached out to Lori, and we were able to get something on the calendar with very short notice. I communicated some concerns about my son's learning and retention patterns.  Lori's experience as a teacher allowed her to give my son pointers in how to overcome these challenges.  With Lori's help, my son's failing grade turned into a solid B minus.

"Very Knowledgeable Tutor!" - Sarah (Baltimore, MD)

I am taking AP chemistry this year and it has been difficult. Lori is able to explain information to me in the simplest way. She is very patient during our sessions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone having difficulty with chemistry.

"She Made Me Love Chemistry! " - Maha (Catonsville, MD)

I had trouble understanding chemistry, but with Lori, I found it so easy! She's patient, lovely, helpful, and much better than my regular teacher. If you don't understand a concept related to chemistry, work with Lori!

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