Tutoring by Lori

Expert Tutoring for Students in the Baltimore Area


Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD
● Master of Arts, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, 2000

The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ
● Bachelor of Science in Biology, Summa Cum Laude, 1994


Private Tutor (1990-present)
● Evaluation of the academic strengths and weaknesses of individual students.
● Identifying concepts, skills and strategies needed to remedy problem areas.
● Assigning homework designed to reinforce key concepts.
● Assisting students with a variety of topics including chemistry, biology, algebra,
geometry, arithmetic, and study skills.

Science Teacher at Friends School (2011-2012)
● Taught sophomore biology and advanced biology.
● Created an inclusive and inviting space for classes and labs.

High School Science Teacher at Boys' Latin (2000-2003)
● Taught freshman biology, sophomore chemistry, honors chemistry and advanced
placement biology.
● Utilized a variety of teaching approaches in both lectures and labs.
● Facilitated the learning process of several learning disabled students.
● Consistently received exceptional reviews from peers and students.

Camp-In Leader at Maryland Science Center (1998-2012)
● Created a fun and exciting learning environment for third and fourth grade students participating in hands-on science workshops.

Johns Hopkins Teaching Assistant (1998-1999)
● Molecules and Cells course, first year medical school curriculum.
● Taught microscopy technique and basic histology during laboratory section.
● Led small group discussions focused on reinforcing lecture concepts.
● Collaborated with faculty to develop exam questions.
● Tutored students requiring extra help with course material.

Kaplan Test Preparation Instructor (1994-2000)
● Taught test preparation classes to groups of 3 to 28 students.
● Prepared students to succeed on the SAT, GRE, and MCAT.
● Balanced basic and advanced material for classes of mixed abilities.
● Consistently earned the Good Teacher Bonus based on student evaluations.


Klingenstein Summer Institute (2002)
● Awarded a full fellowship for an intensive two week residential program that included a variety of workshops, seminars and collaborative exercises designed to make teachers more effective leaders in the classroom and throughout the school.
● Program included the exploration of teaching styles and educational philosophies guided by prominent education experts, talented Columbia Teachers’ College professors, and master teachers.

Johns Hopkins Material Science Internship (2002)
● One week program designed to acquaint high school teachers with a selection of research topics within the Material Science division of the School of Engineering.
● Program included lectures and hands on lab experiences led by Johns Hopkins faculty and graduate students.

Advanced Placement Institute (2002)
● A residential program at St. Johnsbury Academy designed to prepare teachers for success in leading Advanced Placement (AP) Biology classes.

Johns Hopkins “What is Engineering?” (2001)
● A program designed to prepare high school teachers to incorporate the topic of engineering into high school science and math classes.
● Program included lectures and hands on lab experiences led by Johns Hopkins faculty and graduate students.

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